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Hypnosis Pain and Mind Body Wellness


Scientific Research - Brief Review

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Hypnosis may be effective in treating chronic pain (Mazzola, Calcagno, Obdrzalek, Pueyrredón, &  Cavanagh, 2017). Clinical trials suggest that hypnosis can be effective for reducing chronic pain and that specific hypnotic suggestions have varied effects. According to the researchers hypnotic analgesia has clear effects on brain and spinal-cord functioning (Jensen & Patterson, 2014). The results of another study suggest that hypnosis may increase peripheral vasodilation during both the anticipation and experience of pain in patients with sickle cell anemia (Bhatt, et al., 2017). Breast cancer patients may benefit with reduced anxiety, pain, and nausea, and hypnosis also appears to have positive health benefits (Berlière, et al., 2018). Hypnosis may also assist physical therapy outcomes (Lebon, Rongieres, Apredoaei, Delclaux, & Mansat, 2017). Hypnosis may also accelerate bone fracture healing (Ginandes & Rosenthal, 1999). 

These are just a few areas where hypnosis may potentially facilitate mind body wellness and the body’s natural healing capacities. 


Disclaimer, we do not provide medical care. Our services are not intended to replace medical care. We encourage you to continue to work closely with your healthcare provider. Our services are designed to be adjunct or in addition to  healthcare services.



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