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Scientific Research - Brief Review

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Hypnosis is not sleep, however, there is hypnosis research that supports the efficacy of hypnosis with improving sleep, including health benefits and changes to the brain as a direct result of hypnotic suggestion. Slow wave pattern sleep increases cellular repair and a healthy immune system. In one controlled study, hypnosis improved slow wave pattern sleep by 80%. This was the direct result of specific hypnotic suggestions to sleep deeply and not merely expectations for deep sleep (Cordi, Schlarb, & Rasch, 2014). Hypnosis may be effective in increasing deep sleep in the elderly by as much as 57% and increase cognitive function. Slow wave pattern sleep was increased as well as prefrontal cognitive patterns (Cordi, Hirsiger, Mérillat, & Rasch, 2015). Further research on a younger population supported that hypnotic suggestion increased slow wave pattern sleep and may be effective at treating sleep disturbances (Cordi, Rossier, & Rasch, 2018).



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